Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Show Ready

Wow! This week has been simply NUTS! My husband sent me a message about a house... right there it's crazy and something is up... The house is gorgeous AND in the price range we were looking at AND the right size (although only 4 bedrooms) we went to see it, fell in love, and decided to put in an offer (after a bit of a dilemma) and to sell, or maybe rent, our house. The offer is in and we're waiting for a response and in the mean time I have GOT to get this house in showing condition and ready to go up on the market. I've already started pulling out things we don't use on a daily basis, my dad came over to do some yard work, and there is a LOT of cleaning and touching up that has to be done. We're shooting for Monday but we may have to put it off. I can't believe it, we are going to sell our first home and move into our second! It's so scary, I'm dying not knowing if they are accepting our offer or if they are going to send and counter, or WHEN! Hoping tomorrow morning, bright and early, we get to find out. In the meantime it's CLEAN, PACK, CLEAN!

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