Thursday, October 21, 2010


It almost feels as if I haven't had any time to breathe I've been so busy lately! Between trying to keep the house cleaned up so I don't have so much do to before the party on Saturday (which, by the way, is not going very well lol) and getting everything together for the part all my free time is being used up. And that is what little free time I have after school stuff, taking Logan to and from school and helping him with homework, trying to get things in order and figured out for my observations for my degree, doctor and dentist appointments, Logans tball games and practices.... the list just goes on and on! The next 2 days won't be any less busy with all the baking and last minute shopping and decorating I have to do. I'm really excited for my Halloween Baby Sprinkle though and can't wait to see all my friends kids in their costumes and have a great time, it's just a lot of work! And I know the boys will have a blast too and I have lots of games to play!
Logan has been doing GREAT this season and is really starting to understand baseball. He really likes playing catcher and did AWESOME at his last game. I can't believe this season is almost over already! Hopefully he'll want to play again in the spring and do just as great (although Justin will be back at work by then and I'll be carting THREE LITTLE BOYS along with Logan to the games!) All of a sudden this pregnancy, or at least time, is going by really quickly! It's almost Halloween and then it will be Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, New Years, Logan's 6th Birthday and then BABY!!!! (well maybe baby before Logan's birthday if he comes a little early, just hopefully not ON Logan's birthday and preferably a few days apart in either direction)
Now it's time to get some rest! Tomorrow is going to be another busy day! Justin has Physical Therapy, I have my OB appt and my glucose test (YUCK!) and then after I get Logan from school we are carving our pumpkins for the party and then starting all my baking and preping whatever else I can before  PaRtY TiMe!!!!

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