Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kooky Day!

The boys and I were up and out of the house this morning by 8:30 and left daddy to sleep (he ended up sleeping until almost 2pm!). So Logan had his t-ball game and he did AWESOME his 1st inning and just LOST it in the 2nd inning. He had wanted to play catcher and didn't get the chance to (the coach forgot and Logan didn't say anything to the coach to remind him, but he DID tell the coach he was "sick" - which he isn't) so he stood on the pitchers mound and cried until we called him to go sit in the dug out until he could calm down or the game ended. Then we went to the concession stand and had some lunch and came home for naps. Wyatt ended up being the only one who slept so when he got up we headed out to the Kooky Karnival at Logan's school. They had a lot of little games to play and the boys had a great time and won cute little prizes so they were happy! After we spent all of our tickets on the games we walked over to the playground area and let the boys play on the slides and everything to get a little more energy out. On our walk back through the school we got a good whiff of the Frito Pies so of course on our trip back home we had to stop and pick up some fritos and chili for a late snack! They were yummy :)

CJ "fishing"

all 3 boys and Mommy searching in the sand for goodies

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