Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Baby Sprinkle Planning

Well this is the first time I'm doing my whole shower myself and let me tell you, it's a lot of work... and probably even more so since I'm doing a Halloween Party for it and not just a regular shower. So I think I've finally worked out most of what I'm going to make and some games and made my lists. I still have to think of some other fun dinner type foods since it will be from 4-7pm, so dinner time. We're thinking maybe some chili or a deli plate... not sure yet still! This is the plan so far...

- Goblin Guts (punch)
- Witches Fingers (mini hot dogs in a roll)
- Magic Cupcakes (just yummy cupcakes)
- Monster Treats (rice krispies treats)
- Pumpkin Cookies (sugar cookies cut out like pumpkins)
-Skeleton Eyeballs (sweet & sour meatballs)
-Caramel Apples

- Spooky Poopy Diaper
- Mummy Wrap
- Word Scramble
- Pumpkin Balloon Pop
- Don't  Say "Baby"
- Bone Hunt

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