Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Thanks to CafeMom (one of my most favorite websites EVER) I was selected as part of a rice krispies treat influencer program. They send out a box of rice krispies and a gift card to walmart and then ask us to make our spookiest or craziest rice krispies treats and then share the stories and our honest opinions. I jumped at the chance for free stuff for rice krispies treats cause we LOVE them! Logan was at school today but CJ, Wyatt and I decided it would be a fun activity for today AND make a delicious mid morning snack :) So here is a picture story of our RICE KRISPIES GHOST ADVENTURE!
Wyatt was happy and ready to start cooking! Him and his big smile next to the basic ingredients!
CJ adding the marshmallows to melt them.
The marshmallows after adding in the food coloring to make spooky purple ghosts
CJ mixing in the Rice Krispies
Wyatt tasting the yummy treats
CJ making the first cookie cutter cutout of the ghosts
The tasty ghosts after CJ added some sprinkles
CJ and Wyatt enjoying their delicious handy work
It was definitely fun and tasty and we can't wait to make more fun and spooky and other holiday Rice Krispies Treats again soon!

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