Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You've Been BOOed!!!

We got BOO-ed by a neighbor last night! Beenbooed.com is a fun thing where you print the card and fill a goodie bag up and basically ding-dong-ditch your neighbors! My neighbors son cheated and didn't run and told us it was from his mom but made me promise not to tell her lol. So today I took CJ and Wyatt to the dollar store to pick up a few halloween treats to drop off for 2 neighbors. After that we stopped at the park for a picnic lunch and met up with my friend Danielle and her son, Aiden. When we got home the boys went down for nap and I assembled the BOOed goodie bags! Here are the pictures to prove it :)

Here are all the goodies I bought: a little bowl, 2 cups, 2 glow sticks, 2 bags of pretzels, a few pumpkin lolipops, and a bag of halloween activities. Then I got all the goodies wrapped up in the little bowls.

Then I folded up the little You've Been BOO-ed! cards and attached them to the ribbons and they are all ready to go! The "rules" say you are supposed to do it after it starts to get dark but I'm probably going to drop them off when I pick Logan up from school. I did follow the rule of doing it in one day though! They are super cute and they have some to do for Christmas time too so maybe I'll remember and maybe start it this year in our neighborhood. It's a lot of fun! Here are the goodie bags with the cards on them.

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  1. Found you via the beenbooed website. I think you did an excellent job on your little bowls of goodies!