Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Art

The past few days have just worn me out! Last Saturday was my baby sprinkle (which was a BLAST) but setting it up and everything took a lot out of me so not much got done this week. I've finally gotten caught up on laundry and gotten the house to look almost clean again (YAY me!) and that gave me some time today to do some art with the boys! I had some streamers (which never made it up for the party) that I pulled some strips off and then printed off a little paper for them to glue pieces of the streamers onto. Wyatt loved ripping little pieces and all CJ wanted to do was dump glue all over the paper! Finally I got CJ to put some streamers on his page but he only wanted to do the orange, no black. I think Wyatt's came out totally cute :) CJ's just looks like it has caution tape over it lol. I love my silly boys!

Tomorrow we are planning on meeting some friends after Logan get's out of school at IHOP to have some FREE Scary Face Pancakes! It should be a lot of fun! Hopefully the van will be fixed and back by then! OH yeah, I didn't mention that... On Tuesday the van pretty much exploded and some guys glanced and said it was probably the radiator... it wasn't, it was the entire A/C unit and it ALL needed to be replaced, so there goes over $1500 (that we really can't afford to be spending now with the holiday's coming up, the new baby and then birthdays all over the next 3-4 months). I hate not having my van though, we can't really go anywhere as a family since the 2 carseats leave no room for Logan to be in his booster if we take Justin's car.

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