Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zoo, Train and Movie Day!

Wyatt petting a goat

on the train

We decided to go to the zoo today since we haven't done many FUN things since my MIL has been here and she is leaving tomorrow! The boys got up early and so I made some eggs, sausage and strawberries for breakfast and then we got ready and headed out to the zoo! The boys had a great time seeing the hippo out of the water and going to the petting zoo and petting and brushing the goats. Then, since the boys all ate really well, Grandma said they could have a treat and CJ wanted to go on the train. So we visited a few more animals and headed out to the zoo. CJ and Logan had a blast the whole time and Wyatt was so cute all snuggled up on me almost ready to fall asleep. They all crashed on the way home (well, Logan said he wasn't sleeping, he just rested) and I took Logan to the store to get groceries. Then we had some pizza for dinner and watched The Tooth Fairy. Overall a really fun and busy day for us and Daddy got a morning of quiet time to rest. up.  

Wyatt snuggling with Mommy on the train

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