Monday, April 29, 2013

Big Fat Fail

Well, regardless of where I was or how I did I just jumped my grumpy hiney all the way back to 0 today.

Man, I hate to admit it, but I just lost it... Twice.

Earlier today we were running late and it just seemed like we were never going to get out the door. Logan hadn't gotten ANY homework done in the 2 hours he had been home. He "couldn't find" his Cub Scout uniform, which was hanging up neatly in the closet where it should be. And he lost his neckerchief slide because he just drops his clothes wherever the #{|| he feels like it when he takes them off. I held it in until I was trying to get them all out the door and all four of them just decided they didn't speak English.

Fast forward to bedtime. Yes, we all know how irritable I get at bed time. Add to that the fact that it is a Monday so we don't get home until past bedtime as it is and it's already the set of for holy terror time. Then add to that Logan having to stay up late now so he can get some homework done and Wyatt being his usual non-stop pain in my butt that rubs off on the baby.

Thank God for CJ. Out cold with out a fight, just hugs and kisses after quick tucks. To think, he used to be such a pain to get to sleep. I hope every day that when Wyatt turns 4 he will hit the turning point like CJ did when he turned 4. I swear, terrible twos my butt. Tremendously tumultuous threes is much more accurate.

After 9pm and still only one asleep. One in time out on the wall. Another doing homework. The last rolling around "sleeping" on the floor. And me, just sitting in the middle of it trying not to lose it.

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