Saturday, April 13, 2013

ORC day #4

What a trying day! But... I did it!

Today it was CJ pushing me. He had a game today and I was so excited that his daddy could be there to watch him today. His game on Thursday was AMAZING! He told me that he was going to he great again today. He started out a little rough by not paying attention the first inning when he was in the outfield but nothing too major... Then came their turn for batting... I don't know WHAT happened in the dugout but somehow CJ got skipped. Honestly, from what I could see and CJ's account, it was completely the adults fault. Either way... When it comes to CJ all it takes is one thing to set him off and the activity is ruined. He was a miserable little brat the next inning in the field and even worse the next time at bat. He finally hit but hardly ran and of course lost his mind when he got tagged out. I was so huffy we left very quickly and I got an email from his coach that he had wanted to talk to me about what to do in those types of situations.

If only I had the answer.

But hey, I didn't yell at him!

Even more amazing... The boys have destroyed, yet again, the toy room. The floors are covered in Legos... Guess they climbed up and some how got them down off the top shelf to "play" with. ::sigh:: I am really starting to hate Legos.

So they were given the task of cleaning the up mess, just the oldest two since they were the two to make the mess. You would think at 5 and 8 years old they would be fairly capable of this task. They are, in fact, not. Or at least they aren't unless I sit there and watch them and remind them every 2 seconds they are supposed to be picking them.

Luckily we had a party in the evening so that saved the day. They seem to be really awesome when we are out at certain places and this was one of those places. Then we came home, snacked on some of their goody bag treats and then had a movie and popcorn! Unfortunately all the jumping and running around didn't wear them out enough. Now Wyatt is really testing me with his screaming.

At least the monster spray seems to be working and he isn't crying about being scared of the monsters climbing out of his wall.

It really is the little things.

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