Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pressing my luck

So it's bedtime... Well, actually, it's past bedtime, and we just sat down for a movie! I have my fingers crossed that I am not kicking myself later. Maybe I will get lucky and they will just fall asleep during the movie!

This morning was no picnic either. I was trying to sleep in since this is the last day I will be able to do so for a while. Starting tomorrow I am working 6 days a week for as least the next 5 weeks. (Although technically this week I will have an extra day since there is no school Friday so I won't be working, but I think working every other day during the week for the first time is going to wear me out) Where was I? Oh, yes. I was trying to sleep in but the boys had other plans for me and were in and out of my room all morning. Then CJ had a tball game which started INCREDIBLY rough. I had to get VERY stern with him, on the brink of a yell, but that is the ONLY way to get him out of a funk when he starts acting the way he does about his games.

So he sat in the dugout until the second inning (they only play 4 innings) when I gave him my final ultimatum. You get out and bat like you mean it, or you sit in the dugout the rest of the game, AND can take a nap when we get home. And wouldn't you know it? He went out and hit like he meant it and ran like a champ! A small snag again when they swapped to go to the outfield again though. However, that was partly due to the fact that coach had mentioned CJ playing 1st base and didn't put him there either time. He doesn't do well with that kind of stuff. Fortunately coach let him cover 1st and all was well with the world again.

After I took the boys out for lunch (and ended up spending more than I planned). They were awesome for me in the restaurant, very rare for all 4 of them when I am alone with them. One thing I have been sure to do lately is ALWAYS tell them how much I appreciate it when they are well behaved for me.

Positive reinforcement is very important, I know that. I can admit that I am not diligent about it all of the time. It is something that I am working on. Whenever they are doing something I like I make sure they know I appreciate it.

So, the bottom line of the day is that I have made it to day #11 with out yelling! Who would have thought when I began this challenge I would be able to do it at all, let alone 11 days!

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