Sunday, April 14, 2013


Wow, I thought it was a trying day yesterday. WRONG! They are wearing on me hard right now. I am taking a breather before I lose it.

It's my own fault though, and I know it. I let them, and myself, have a lazy day. The TV was on all day and I didn't enforce going out to run around (and I really should have, it was gorgeous out today) and then I had the brilliant idea for a movie and popcorn before bed, ya know, because they were so well behaved today. :/ Of course they got really restless and I eventually had to turn the movie off and send them to bed. I gave them more warnings than I probably should have too before enforcing.

I really need to get better about that.

So we sprayed for monsters, got hugs and kisses and tucks, and no one is in bed. I closed the door so I could breathe. Then I hear them spitting, a HUGE no-no in our house. I stormed in there and it took everything in me not to loose it. I just went right up to them, starting with the oldest, and told them they needed to stop. Now they have stopped spitting but I can hear ALL 4 playing.

This is when I am really at a loss.

What do I do?! Telling them it's bed time doesn't work. Tucking them in again doesn't work. I know screaming and yelling at them doesn't work but at least that gets them moving and into bed for a few minutes. It's a school night and they need to go to sleep! Do I just leave the door shut and let them scream and play around? Hope they finally go to sleep on their own? The past few nights have been going so well!

I am hoping that I can make it through and today will be ORC day #5.

In the mean time any suggestions at this juncture of bedtime would be greatly appreciated!

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