Saturday, April 27, 2013

What day is it!?

Holy cow! I don't even know what day I am on... Or if I have even made it with out yelling. I suppose if I had it would be memorable right? This past week has just been such a blur! It started on Sunday when I worked my regular Sunday job at a church nursery for 4 or so hours. Then on Monday I started my long term sub job. Thankfully this was a short week, no school on Friday, so it was a helpful transition to working so much. 6 day work weeks start tomorrow.

I wish I could say that I had a nice relaxing long weekend where I slept in and did nothing all day Friday and Saturday but instead we had a yard sale. That meant getting up and pulling out loads of stuff and stressing over people wanting everything for a dime. On the plus side; we had our most profitable yard sale ever!

Mind you, this busy week is just the basics. This run down doesn't include extra curriculars and all the other stuff that I was doing after work every day... Pretty much every day this week I didn't sit down to relax until about 9:30pm and I was then in bed asleep by 10pm. LAME. It also makes this bedtime junk even more stressful. I am so tired and want to sleep. Sitting here while the boys don't sleep makes me really irritable and that makes it hard not to yell.... Then that makes me bottle it up... And that makes it even harder not to just blow up. Usually when I get to that point I find myself kind of growling at them. I guess it's better than screaming at them. So here is to day... Whatever it is... The boys aren't asleep but I'm about to be. Good night.

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