Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Does it count?

Does today even count as a day of not yelling? I hardly even saw my kids! I didn't even get home from work until almost 4:30 so I saw them about 3 1/2 hours.

We did,however, spend about half of that time with them acting insane in the grocery store. And I did have to yell TO them several times as they bolted down the isles not paying any attention to anything. Boy, did they stress my husband out. At one point, at the end, I sent him alone to go get in a check out line and I held onto the boys. Er.... I tried to at least. They were being weirdos and I just did my best to keep them close to me and away from other people. But by that time it was already their bed time so it was completely understandable that they were acting like little nut-cases.

I was so busy getting groceries put away and making lunches for tomorrow I didn't even get to tell them all good night. :( I was pretty bummed when I realized they were all asleep. It was nice having my husband home to help get them to bed though. I love his days off.

Now here I sit, dozing off on the couch I have been on for less than 30 minutes. 10pm. Bed time.

Wow. When did I become such a loser?

Well, at least I'm a loser who hasn't yelled at her kids in 2 weeks! Yes people, that is 14 days! Cheers to me!

Uhm, well, no cheering, there are sleeping kids. I will just tiptoe to bed and get some sleep!

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