Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ORC day #1

Well, day #1 of making it with no yelling! Yay me! But I don't know if it counts since I wasn't even home most of the day. I worked so I didn't really even see the boys until after 3:30pm. Then again, bedtime is my worst time and even though they were ridiculous tonight I held it together.

Tonights bedtime show consisted of the following:

My older two weren't even as good as usual with the 5 year old kicking his feet around in the air and the 8 year old making some random comment about nothing or sitting up and trying to read in the dark at 8:30.

The 3 year old was all over, as usual, making silly noises, rolling around in his bed and dangling his head over the edge. His antics prompted the 2 year old to roll around and get out of his bed and apparently he had the need to act like a monster, or maybe he was an angry gorilla? He was squat stomping in the middle of the room alternating arms in the air and making some strange noises. I wanted to laugh but had to tell him to get back in bed... the rest of the night he wasn't so funny. Just getting out of bed and running around and racing back to bed when he realized I was looking at him.

But I didn't yell.

So I guess that's a start.

Tomorrow will be the real test. The hubs will be at school and then work so I'm alone all day. Add to that carting the boys to a tball game alone too and I might be nuts before bedtime even rolls around.

So here's to hoping that I make it to day #2!

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