Monday, April 15, 2013

Energizer Bunnies

Please, someone, explain to me how these kids can still have so much energy after 3 hours of playing around and being up over an hour past bedtime?!

Clearly I didn't give birth to children. I have a house full of energizer bunnies, obviously.

But! BUT! With all their obnoxious little boyness (yes, I know it isn't a word) I managed to keep my voice calm and not yell at them. Let me tell you, that was REALLY TOUGH with the way CJ acted at tball practice and even harder when he gave me attitude when we went to cub scouts for Logan.

When we got to cub scouts the boys wanted to get a drink and Logan walked over to the room and so did CJ.... I thought... When I had made my way with the littles to the room I looked all over and couldn't find CJ! He is normally very good about going straight in so I started to panic a little. As it turns out he had gone into the bathroom, but not the ones that I had checked in the room, the ones out in the hall. When I told him he had to tell me when he goes somewhere other than where I expect him to be his response was "NO!"

Uhm, I am pretty sure I did NOT ask a question.

He got to spend the better part of the night next to me until he could apologize. Which, if you know CJ at all, is a nearly impossible task. But he did and he got to go play finally.

So of course cub scouts ran late and in stead of getting home around 8:30 we didn't even leave the building until then. So here it almost 10pm and I'm only about 20 minutes into bed time. Only.20.minutes!! I've been averaging an hour and a half so.... This pretty much is going to suck.

At least the older two are quiet... Hey, they may even be sleeping already, although how they can sleep through all this noise is beyond me.

Bottom line is that I am really proud of myself. I have to raise my voice a little still, they don't listen to me 99% of the time, and I want to pull my hair out of my head at bed time, but I have done really well and for that, I am proud.

Here is to day #6! I am determined to make tomorrow a full week of no yelling!

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