Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dinner Guests

Most people who know me know that I love to cook and I love love LOVE to bake! Often dinner is nothing special since it's just me and the boys and 1/2 the time they won't even eat dinner so I hate cooking just to put leftovers in the fridge that end up in the stupid trash! So the other day one of my friends and her husband asked to stop by since they hadn't gotten to meet Jameson yet (he's almost 6 months old!!!) and they couldn't make it to Wyatt's party and had a gift for him. Since they were planning on stopping by around dinner time I invited them for dinner! If I had thought about it and had the time I would have made an awesome dessert too but I didn't :( Next time Trish, if you're reading this!! :) lol Then the next day my husband had invited my dad to come watch a movie with him (well all of us but really just for them hehe) and hubby requested homemade Zuppa Toscana soup so I did that and salad with crescent roles for dinner. YUMMY! And I had asked my dad a couple weeks ago if he liked bread pudding - I live on Food Network and I always see bread pudding but have NEVER had it and decided a few weeks ago to try and make some and boy was it tasty! So he said yes (he's from Louisiana and it's a big dessert there) and the key is the awesome sauce that goes on it --- here was my chance to really see how good of a chef I am! I used the reciepe and added my twist and he said it was really good! Well, he liked my whole meal... maybe now I have disbanded the idea in my family that I'm not a great cook lol I really enjoy cooking and baking for people and should do it more often because I make way better meals when I know adults are going to be eating it :-P

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