Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Splish Splash!

We do lots of fun things with the boys... Sea World, Six Flags, the zoo, water parks, etc. But I think their favorite thing ever is to hang out and play with their daddy. Although they were pretty naughty this morning... let's not get into that though, I don't wanna get grumpy again... after dinner they went out side with daddy and after I finished cleaning up a little I headed out with the baby. Daddy was watering, the boys were playing, and I was sitting... soon the fun ensued! Not only did the boys get soaked and sprayed but he got me and the baby drenched and I stole the hose and drenched him right back! We all were laughing so hard and got so wet! It was a blast, I'm not really sure why we don't do that more often... Then baths and jammies and family time watching some X-Men on Netflix before bed.

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