Saturday, July 16, 2011

Social Networking Fast

A friend I talk to online (how ironic) spawned this idea of doing an internet or technology fast. I quickly realized I couldn't abstain from technology or even just the internet completely (kinda hard to take online classes and not use the internet for a week!) so I decided that what takes up too much of my time are my social networking sites like Cafemom and Facebook (but mostly facebook these days as I have pretty well kicked my cafemom habit - yay me!) I'm also going to try to cut back on my TV time and just limit it to the boys shows or music until they go to bed at night. The time I'm online I'm trying to limit to just when I'm nursing Jameson (like right now) and getting off when he's done nursing and putting him in his bed and getting some stuff done. The goal of this week long fast is to get me more in-tune with my boys and my husband and just my family in general. I keep setting out on this "Quest to be a better Mommy" and yet I just keep getting back into the same rut. I need to get to gettin' and do activities with the boys and get my house clean and kept clean! So this morning I set out on this little journey (after awaking to find my netbook missing - my husband was trying to help my fast by hiding my computer lol) and so far so good... although my husband doesn't think I can do it and suggested that I just fast during the day and I can go on my social networks at night... we'll see... I'm going to try to hold off completely for a week though! Wish me luck!

And... Here... We... GOOooOooOOOooooo!

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