Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fun in the Sun

Sea World fun with with Daddy is the highlight of the boys Summer (well they love Six Flags too but this past trip on Daddy's day off was Sea World :-D HeHe) Most of the day we spent in the water park and even with the constant reapplication of sunscreen we all ended up with a little too much sun - luckily only Mommy and Daddy got burnt at all.

Logan being a good big brother and helping CJ see

CJ and Logan looking at the penguins
Daddy and Jameson cooling off inside
For Wyatt's birthday he had gotten some really cool side walk paint so we decided to try that out... Guess I'll have to buy more since they used it all the first day! It was a little messier than the regular sidewalk chalk but they did really good and they love to paint so you can't really go wrong!

Then it was water ball fights in the back yard! We're in water restrictions so I have been trying not to run the water too much and since we don't have a kiddie pool or anything I just filled up some sand buckets with water and gave them the balls that soak up the water to throw at each other (although they just really squeeze them on each other). Wyatt loves water but prefers just to dump it out so he rode around on the little trike for a while. And all the while my sweet little Jameson just hung around and enjoyed the sunshine.

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