Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quality Family Time

I have to say that I truly enjoyed just hanging around the house doing nothing yesterday with all 5 of my boys after my hubby got home from school. My favorite was everyone sitting down and eating dinner I cooked! We don't do that very often since he works during dinner time. And even more than I love being home with them I love when we get out of the house and do something fun, just the 6 of us, like today. Last week we did Sea World so this we we decided to do Six Flags. We've gotten passes to Sea World every year the past couple years and when one of my BILs were in town earlier this year we decided to try out Six Flags. The boys have fun but it's not worth it to get the passes again for a couple more years when all the boys are older.
the elusive CJ smile

The gorgeousness that is Jameson

Mommy & Wyatt all hot and sweaty!

Logan and CJ on a ride all alone together!

little crawl thing!

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