Monday, August 16, 2010


My friend needed me to watch her 1 year old son today so I had my 3 boys and her 1 and boy was it crazy! Actually it was really fun in the morning and the boys all took good naps and all 4 were really well behaved. I was proud of myself seeing that I can handle 4 kids, and 4 boys at that! I even managed to get a full meal cooked (meat loaf and mashed potatoes from scratch and then warmed up some green beans) and it was yummy :) Bed time was a little bit of a pain the none of my boys got their magnets today. I think they were just overwhelmed from having a friend here all day (he was here from 10am to 7pm) and right after they left it was time for chores and clean up. They did their chore just fine and fast but the few toys that were out they just refused to pick up and CJ and Logan just wanted to run around and fight. Wyatt was cranky and I'm pretty sure he's getting another tooth, he was the last one to sleep and fought with me for about an hour which is odd for him. At least they are all asleep now (just after 9pm) and resting for our fun day tomorrow.
When the boys were watching Mickey Mouse Club House on Disney today and it said something about puzzles so I declared today PUZZLE DAY! I pulled down the box of puzzles and the boys had a fun time with those. Logan is so good at puzzles, he always has been... such a smarty :) He would work on his then stop to help CJ, who is still getting the hang of things when it comes to puzzles. Logan was really excited over Puzzle Day that he was telling everyone that he talked to that it was puzzle day lol so cute. We also played outside for a while today and Logan brought all the boys a baseball cap to wear. None of them kept them on but they were super cute putting them on and trading them. Logan is really the only one of my boys that will wear a hat for more than a few minutes, but he was the same way as his brothers about hats when he was younger so I'm sure CJ and Wyatt will start to like them more as they get older.
Logan being a crazy "Dude"
CJ being a "Dude" like big brother
Wyatt putting the hat on himself...

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