Saturday, August 28, 2010


Not just on the blog the last few days but on my quest! I think my husbands weekends make me lazy :) I just wanna lounge around with him and then it's hard to get back into the swing of things. It definitely doesn't help that I was bummed out today after finding out we aren't going to have a little princess but our 4th prince. Of course I love him but I was still so hopeful I'd finally be getting my little girl! Today was a little better in the active department. It was so nice and cool out this morning that I opened the back door to enjoy the air and made french toast for breakfast. Then Logan wanted to go to the park so around 9 we headed down to the park with Daddy. By then it had started heating up but the boys still had a blast and enjoyed running around. When we got home I felt so worn out and laid down on the bed just to rest and ended up falling asleep. My wonderful husband warmed up some left overs for lunch and fed the boys and put the little ones down for nap before I woke up. I got some laundry washed and now I need to fold it. There was a LOT of dishes so I have one load washing and I'll have to probably unload and reload before bed too. Justin made chili the other day and I made stew the next so we had lots of dishes that didn't get done. Swept and mopped the floors and the boys are in bed and it's barely 8:45! I'm ready for bed but I'll at least get the clothes folded before calling it a night. Hopefully I'll be productive tomorrow and not so bummed out about the baby. We, I think, have decided 100% on his name so that's exciting! Jameson Charles will be here in about 20 weeks!

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