Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer Fun!

Wyatt with his new shades
Well, after lounging around for most of the morning, I did an activity with Logan and Wyatt (still have to do it with CJ). I've been going through my old teaching activites from the daycare and doing them with the boys and they have been having a lot of fun. -I need to go through and organize them one of these days.- Then the boys all got dressed so we could go for a walk down to the store and get some treats. When we got back we pulled out the sidewalk chalk and did some art and played some hopscotch (I didn't even know that Logan knew how to play and so he was teaching CJ!)
Sidewalk Chalk

Then for the real staple of summer time fun I turned on the sprinkler in the front yard and the boys ran around and had some fun in the sprinklers! It was actually the first time they had done that in the front yard (we have a steep yard but I figured they'd have fun anyways)
Logan and CJ running through the sprinklers

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