Friday, August 20, 2010

Bike Rides & Gun Fights

Logan riding his bike
CJ on the big boy bike
Yesterday the boys wanted to go outside to ride their bikes for a bit. Justin had to go down to his school to fill out some paperwork so I headed out into the yard with the boys. CJ was trying to ride on Logan's old bike (which his daddy just painted green for him so it felt like a new bike just for him!) but he was still a little too short to get going really well, but boy did he try! Logan was doing awesome on his big bike and it getting much more brave about going down the street fast. Poor little Wyatt can't even ride the tricycle so he just hung out with me by the house. It was getting pretty warm and Justin was on his way home so we put their things away and went in to get lunch ready.

After lunch and nap we lounged around for a bit before we headed off to meet the teacher night for Logan! He starts school on Monday, how crazy is that?!?! I was a little disappointed because I thought going to the classroom the teacher would introduce herself and talk to the class a bit about the first day of school and what the kids could expect. I mean, they are kindergarteners going into a dual language program, I think Logan and the other English speakers are going to have a tough time since so much of the class is going to be in Spanish. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. So I filled out the forms and handed them in while Logan played with his future classmates and Justin stayed in the back and kept the little boys busy. After we stood around for a while we saw some other parents leaving so we figured we weren't going to get anymore infomation so we headed home to sort out all Logan's school supplies and load up his adorable superheroes backpack. He's getting more and more excited for school to start although I can tell he's also REALLY nervous. Of the 3 boys he's always been the most clingy to me and I think he's a little scared about being dropped off at school alone. But I know he'll do great! He's a smart boy and is good at making friends so he'll be fine after he get's settled in. And we will all be there with him until he goes to class so he won't feel abandoned. Monday is going to be an early day for all of us!

Today was a yard work day for Justin so at one point the boys and I went out back to play while their Daddy was working. We filled up a bucket with some water and the boys went to town with their squirt guns! It was so cute watching them run around the yard and they got really wet lol. They are too cute and even Wyatt got in on the action a little bit. Although he can't really pull the trigger he likes to pretend and has the most adorable little shooting sound in the world! I wish I could discribe it but I can't, just know it's ADORABLE... just like he is! Watching them play and have fun together is the best thing in the world. I just wish they could all play nice together all the time. They can be so mean to eachother but when they want to be nice they are 3 of the sweetest brothers in the universe. With Logan away at school it should be interesting to see how the way they all act towards one another changes.

After the boys played inside for a while and after I made my delicious homemade gooey mac & cheese we sat down to watch Scooby Doo. Such a cute movie :) All the 3 boys got all their magnets this past week but we had already done the Witte for Logan's potty stickers so we didn't get to do anything for their magnets. Maybe this movie time will count or we'll do something else before Logan starts school.

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