Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hot Summer

Today started out as a great day. Justin was out of bed before me again and I got up when Wyatt got up at about 7:30am and made some eggs and toast for breakfast with some honeydew melon and juice for the boys and and some coffee for Mommy and Daddy. Then off we went for haircuts for the big boys and Daddy and over to the gymnastics place to check out classes for CJ. We are going to go check it out on Wednesday for a free class and see if he will like it and if we can find a day for class that works for us. Then off to Best Buy to pick up Justin's lap top and then back home for some lunch (yummy chili cheese dogs MMMmmmmm). Nap time for the little boys and mommy and then we were up when daddy left for work.
The news said the last night the heat index would be 105-110!!!! After nap the boys were getting antsy so we went in the yard to play and it didn't feel so bad but hot enough they didn't want to play out there long. They were still being crazy little boys so we decided to take a walk. Logan wanted to go to the gas station so we headed down there and the boys got popsicles for the walk back home. On the way home we stopped under a big tree for a little shade and a rest and the big boys finished off their treats. It still didn't feel as hot as they said it would be and we enjoyed our walk around the neighborhood. CJ started singing "we're almost home. we're almost home" when we turned onto our street. Boy his he a cutie pie! Wyatt took forever to finish his popsicle. I'm not sure if it was because he was falling asleep or his tummy was full from the sippy cup full of water he drank on the walk to the gas station.  
After we got back to the house Logan and CJ wanted to ride their bikes so I sat in the yard with Wyatt while the boys played for a bit. I went down to try to help CJ out but after a few minutes the heat definitely got to me. I got hot and flush and dizzy and had to go sit down. The boys weren't really ready to come in but Logan's face was almost red it was so pink so I told them to come drink some water and I'd put on a movie. Now Logan is relaxing ont he couch watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and CJ and Wyatt are in the toy room playing with SuperHeroes. I didn't take anything out for dinner but I have some lunchables I'd bought and was thinking about having a little picnic dinner tonight with more honey dew melon. We may do an inside picnic since it's hot out and we've been outside a lot today. Then clean up and bed time and hopefully that will go smoothly again like last night. I think I tired them out enough today they should be more than ready for bed when it's time.

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