Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh the Laziness!

Today I came to the realization that I have SOOOOOO much more motivation to do things around the house when my husband is awake and doing things too. For the first time in a few weeks Justin got up BEFORE me today! Not much earlier because he didn't met me sleep in, but after I gave the boys breakfast and made some coffee he sat down at the kitchen table to actually eat a little breakfast and chit chat with me over coffee. After that he got dressed and went out in the yard to get some yard work done... so what did I do? SCRUBBED THE KITCHEN! Oh my it feels so nice in there now (even though I'm putting off loading the dishwasher again so there ar some dishes in the sink). I got our laundry washed today and I'm going to fold it and put it away after loading the dish washer and then I'll sweep up and I'll be done for the day. It feels SO GOOD having a clean house. Logan and CJ did a great job keeping their toys picked up through out the day and even Wyatt helped to clean up before bed and all 3 of them got their reward magnets! Such a great day and I feel great.

I was a little worn out for a bit and wanted to nap but I had a little snack and got my energy back. Even though CJ put up a fight I still got all 3 boys to sleep just before 9pm. I realized tonight that Wyatt gets really crazy and runs around when he is super tired at night because he kept going to his toddler bed to lay down. Of course he won't actually lay in it and sleep for me, even if I'm in there and trying to pat him so I finally put him in the crib and he cried for about 2 minutes before he went to sleep. Something has to happen with CJ because he fought and fought and fought with me and I finally let him sit out on the couch for a little bit and when he was just sitting there still for a few minutes (but still awake) I took him to bed and he went straight to sleep. I think he just needs that quiet relax time, I just wish he'd do that IN BED... maybe that will be his routine though, after Logan is in bed and Wyatt is in his crib he can sit on the couch for a few minutes and then maybe there won't be a fight. I'll figure it out EVENTUALLY!

OH! And I almost forgot... I found out today that I got accepted into the Masters program for Education at UTSA and so I was able to register for one class and hopefully another one that I need to take will open up soon so I can be a 1/2 time student. So come the end of this month not only will I be a mommy but I'll also be a graduate student, Logan will be a Kindergartener and Justin will be taking classes to get his bachelors on campus so things are going to get CRAZY busy! Logan should be starting Fall Ball for teeball the end of this month and we are looking at getting CJ into some gymnastics or karate the end of this month or next month... BUSY BUSY BUSY! And all this while being pregnant, wow I think I've lost my mind.

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