Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mall, Pizza & Ice Cream!

So after a pretty boring day, grocery shopping (we had to start planning what we are going to put in Logan's lunch box for school! AHHHH this is our last week of summer!!!!) and then just hanging around the house and napping the boys were going crazy. It was just too hot to go outside so.... off to the mall we went! I know I should have cooked but the idea of meat is really disgusting to me right now so I couldn't even think of cooking dinner - I'd thought of making my home made mac & cheese but Daddy made the boys tuna mac for lunch so thought it was too much mac & cheese for 1 day- so we had some pizza at the mall (although I enjoyed the salad MUCH more Mmmmmm... salad...) then we walked around a bit so the boys could get some energy out and right before they started closing the mall up - good timing cause I didn't realize they closed so early- we stopped for ice cream at Marble Slab for me, CJ and Wyatt and then for a cookie for Logan (it's what he wanted). So we sat and ate on a bench, the boys ran around like little monsters for a bit, and then we headed back home.

It was almost 7pm when we got home so it was time for chores and cleaning up. It took longer than usual because Logan got another one of his bad bloody noses (2nd today and 3rd in the last 2 days ugh) so I had Wyatt and CJ hop in the bath while I sat in the bathroom dealing with Logan's nose. ***I'm calling the Pediatrican tomorrow to ask if there is anything we can do for his nose because he just randomly gets really bad bloody noses for no reason, it's really frustrating*** After their bath Logan hopped in the shower and then it was time for jammies and magnets ALL 3 BOYS HAVE GOTTEN ALL THEIR MAGNETS THIS WEEK SO FAR!!!! I'm so proud of them :) although I know it's because I've gotten more diligent about helping them and getting up and making sure they are doing what they are supposed to, but either way, it's getting done and I'm really proud of them, even Wyatt has been helping out. He is so cute, you should see my little 13 month old picking his magnet and putting it on the board under his name :) ADORABLE I tell you! Then we read books and I think Wyatt got over tired because he started getting really mean so I plopped him in his crib (he was so angry he wouldn't even kiss me goodnight!) and he cried for about 8 minutes before he feel asleep. Now it's after 9pm and I'm still fighting with CJ but I think Logan finally fell asleep. Tomorrow I am getting up at 6:30am and officially getting ready for our school schedule. I want to work out all the kinks so we aren't stressing next week on the first day of school and so I know I can get breakfast ready, myself showered and dressed, Logan up and ready to go and probably both the little ones dressed and ready since I'll probably be taking them to drop Logan off (well at least for sure they'll be coming the first week since we'll be walking Logan into school). I still can't believe my baby is starting school already!!!! AHHHHHH! 1 week left of summer and 11 days left until we find out what the baby is. This week is going to be a busy one so good practice for school starting. Time to figure out how to get CJ to sleep now so I can get some rest too, this little pregnant body is getting more and more exhausted by the day.

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