Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Man it was HOT out today! But the boys had a GREAT time at the zoo so it was all worth it. Now it's nap and resting time before I have to figure out dinner and what to do this evening. I have to say that it was so nice coming home and the house was still clean from call my cleaning last night. It's something I have to keep up doing (making sure the house is cleaned up before we leave) because it makes coming home soooo nice!

My gorgeous boys looking at the HIPPOS

CJ swimming in the "River Bank"
Wyatt playing in the TINY TOTS NATURE SPOT
Logan in front of the NILE CROCODILE
We have passes to the zoo and it's not far at all. This will be another step to being a better mommy, taking them to the zoo more often. Especially with fall coming in a few months and hopefully come cooler weather it's something they enjoy and gets all of us out in the fresh air to walk around and LEARN! Maybe I'll play to go at least once a month, I think I can do that! Horray for the zoo!

The day ended with the boys getting to play in the sprinklers in the backyard with Daddy, taking a family walk to the gas station to get treats and then pizza and a movie! Couldn't ask for a better ending to a fun day!

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