Monday, August 23, 2010


WOW! What a day! My baby started school today and did AMAZING! He was excited and didn't cry at all. We got up this morning and it took us a little longer to get out the door than we had wanted so Justin and the little boys stayed in the van so I could get Logan in on time.
We got in and waited in the cafeteria until it was time to head with his class to the room and I walked behind him and he gave me a kiss before walking in to sit down. He smiled and started playing with playdough and forgot I even existed :) so I left before I started bawling my eyes out! When I got back to the van CJ was upset because I "forgot Loadie" and he couldn't "talk to him or play with him". It was cute how much he missed his big brother today. When we picked Logan up CJ (and Wyatt) were so excited! I missed him today but it was SO quiet and relaxed around the house with him gone. After we picked him up from school and I asked how his day was he told me it was "AWESOME!" so the boys and I went to Wendy's for frosty's before coming home. That's when the day went crazy! With the 3 boys back together and Logan cranky from being so busy it was fight after fight after crying and crying until bed time. Thankfully all 3 were asleep by 9pm and now I can do some dishes and fold some laundry while I wait for Justin to get home before going to bed and starting the whole crazy day over again!


  1. Thank you for the blog! You do an amazing job!
    I feel like I am not missing each little part of life as it happens! But I do miss the Hugs and Kisses :(

  2. I'm so glad you are reading it! :)