Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rain, Rain DON'T go away!

School day #2 for Logan started out EARLY today! I woke myself up just after 5 and then tried to sleep a little more before Wyatt got up at 6. We got up and ready and to school with plenty of time to park so we all could go in to drop off Logan. Since Wyatt was up so early he fell asleep early and I tried to catch a quick nap... well I DID catch a QUICK nap, but was hoping for a longer one. The little boys went out to play for a bit and just had a lot of free time while I cleaned and did laundry before CJ took his nap. He got up just in time to go pick Logan up from school. As soon as we pulled out of the parking lot I looked up and saw what looked like rain clouds even though it had been so hot and sunny all day. Right before I turned onto the street before our house it started pouring and then the wind started picking up - so hard the trees in our yard were practically horizontal! It didn't rain too long though and the boys had a snack before they played together (and fought together) and before I knew it I was starting dinner. I made some yummy BBQ chicken and homemade french fries and all 3 gobbled it up! While we were eating you could see the wind picking up (so much so it had knocked over the grill at some point!) and then it started to rain again. After they finished their dinner I opened up the front door and out they rain to play in the rain! CJ got completely soaked but he had a GREAT time! Logan had fun but was busy running a toy car off the concrete and running up and down into the grass to get it and do it again... silly boy! It was
a pretty new experience for Wyatt so he kind of hung back on the porch for a little bit but then found the wonderous joy of hopping in puddles! He did that for a while then was in and out of the house and back and forth from sitting and watching and trying to go out into the full on rain and play. At one point he finally got the courage to go out there only to get terrified by the sound of a really loud crash of thunder that send him running back to the house screaming. It was kinda funny and even more so because him crying scared Logan and CJ and they both started running for the house too. So that was the end of the playing and in they came for chores and then bath and bedtime. Wyatt was actually the easiest to put to sleep today! He went from awake and running around to laying for me to change his poopy diaper straight into the toddler bed and hardly moved an inch! I stayed there and pat him for a minute but he was asleep in no time. Then Logan went to sleep and of course CJ fights and is on the couch now, asleep, next to me. I've GOT to figure out something for him but even if I sit and pat him he doesn't sleep he just tries to talk to me. Then trying the SuperNanny "Back to Bed" routine I get too tired going back and forth for an hour. I'll figure it out eventually I guess. i really think he just likes to be near me and that's just about the only way to get him to sleep. Well now it's time to clean the kitchen, mop the floors and fold some clothes before getting ready for bed. Tomorrow is school day #3 for Logan, we'll see if he is ready to go in himself or needs another day of Mommy and Daddy walking him in and then he gets the treat of Daddy picking him up from school since it's "Saturday" and he is off of work. Only 2 more LONG days of not knowing the sex of baby #4 so I'm anxious for it to be Friday!

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