Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Slow Start

I got up this morning with all the intentions in the world of setting out to do everything I wanted to do today. Of course by 10AM Wyatt (1 yr) was cranky and I was ready for a nap! My husband, Justin, was still in bed and so I let the big boys have their cars and settled into bed with Wyatt and Justin. Quickly the baby and I fell asleep and Justin was out of bed to tend to the boys. After a rejuvenating 2 hour nap Wyatt and I came out to start lunch and that is when the day REALLY got started. I hate that I took a nap, but hey, I'm pregnant! And in the end I still got a LOT accomplished today.

After lunch it was time for CJ (2 1/2) to take his nap and Justin to get ready to go to work. Logan and Wyatt played while I was cleaning up, got laundry started and gathered up an activity for them to work on. Once I found something that would be fun for all 3 boys (a matching page they could glue their shapes down on) I got everything together and sat down with Wyatt and Logan (CJ was still sleeping) and we started on the fun! It felt REALLY good sitting down and doing learning activities with them and I know I should do them more and that I am capable of doing them - I was a lead teacher in a daycare and want to be an elementary school teacher so this should be easy to do every day, right? After that activity they were playing with toys until CJ woke up and then he got to do the activity after he had his snack (while Logan and Wyatt finished theirs). Then they all sat down to color and Logan and I worked on his shapes and writing his name in lower and upper case letters.

While the boys were busying playing inside and outside (they never can make up their minds and they go out for a few minutes, in for a few, back out again...probably should put a stop to that...) I was doing more "Mommy Chores" like dusting and vacuuming. Before we knew it I had to start dinner (an easy night tonight because the boys just wanted spaghetti o's - a treat for dinner when mommy doesn't feel like cooking). And then after dinner it was time for chores (unloading the dish washer and cleaning up their toys).

All-in-all today, after my sleepy and slow start this morning, went really well. I feel good about the few changed I made. My TV was on the music channel almost the entire day and my lap top didn't get opened, I just went on the big computer to check my e-mail and figure out a few things for school. The house looks really good, it could use another sweeping up and a mop, but the dishwasher is running and I have to fold Wyatt's clothes and put them away and that's it for the day. I think my husband will be happy at the way the house looks when he gets home and to see the art on the fridge from the day's activities. I told him about my plan and my blogging, he thinks it's silly of course, but hopes it works for me. He already tells me everyday that I'm "a perfect wife" and that he loves me but he knows I can and want to do better and so he supports this endeavor. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better, it should be at least, since I'm planning on taking the boys to the zoo. I need to work out a schedule since next week we are going to start getting ready for Logan starting school (wow 19 days left of summer!). And my big plan and changes are going to have to happen for bed time. CJ and Wyatt are both impossible to get to sleep and fighting with both of them at the same time is very stressful.

So a good day and hopefully more improvements will come as each day passes. Hooray for me! Now it's time to relax and watch some Hell's Kitchen :)

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