Monday, August 30, 2010

My Big Boy!

Logan decided this morning that he didn't need to be walked into school today. He wanted me to drop him off out front and he would go in all by himself! I can't believe he was ready for that on his first day of his 2nd week of school! Then again, he was probably ready last week but I wasn't! I was so proud of him, especially after talking to his best friends mom who said that she had to take him all the way to class because he didn't want her to leave (which is so how I thought it would be for Logan!). After getting back home I cleaned a little and then made lunch and Wyatt went down for nap and Justin turned on a movie so CJ and I fell asleep on the couch lol. He and I took a good nap and when we woke up Justin was ready to leave for work and we had a little over an hour before it was time to go get Logan from school. We played for a bit and then got ready to go. Logan had a good day at school and it seems school is offically in swing because Logan had... HOMEWORK! I'll tell you, it was harder thank I thought to get him to do it! It was simple too, just having to
Logan's first homework assignment
write his name 20 times (and he's been able to write his name for at least a year now) but he wanted to doodle instead. We had a few other things we did before starting on his work though since I had to read through all his folders because it was the first time we'd gotten them, so I think that may have been a little too much for him. Tomorrow I'll just sit him down to do his homework after snack and I'll read all the stuff for me by myself. Because I was taking out a crayon for Logan to do his work CJ and Wyatt got excited and wanted to color so I decided to set them up in the toy room (so they wouldn't be too big of a distraction to Logan) with some things to color and let them play while Logan got his homework taken care of. The little ones still came back and forth the bother Logan a little bit, but over all I think it worked out pretty well. Tomorrow I'll have to figure out something again to keep the little ones busy while Logan does his homework cause they were too cute doing their coloring today but I don't know if they are going to want to do the same thing every day. I'm sure something will come to me if I think about it!
CJ coloring during homework time
Wyatt doing his coloring

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