Sunday, August 22, 2010

Last Day of SUMMER!

I can NOT believe today was our last day of summer! My "baby" starts his first day of kindergarten tomorrow morning and I am so nervous and excited and sad all at the same time. Although, most of all I'm worried about getting up early and having all the boys (and my husband) ready and out the door to get Logan to school on time! CJ (2) told me today, when I asked him what we are going to do when Logan is at school, "I'm going to school with Loadie so I can play with him"! It was so cute. Hopefully they won't be fighting as much now that they will have space and not be together all day everyday.

To celebrate the last day of summer (and give their reward for getting all their magnets last week) I took the boys to the zoo after nap time. I figured we could go for a few hours and have a picnic dinner in the grassy area and then come home to do some chores and then relax before bed. The boys had a great time but I was SO miserable. It was WAY too hot to be outside today and being pregnant, I think, made it even worse for me. I kept having to stop in the shade and even had to ask Logan to push the sit and stand stroller for a little bit because I was about to pass out. When I went into the bathroom I saw my face in the mirror and it looked like I was sunburnt, my face was so red. I got the boys some shaved ice and we chowed down on that before going to the riverbank to cool off more. Then we had dinner and even after all the cooling off I was dying by the time we were leaving. When I got into the van (after letting the AC run and getting everything loaded in) I looked up to the temperature and it said 107!!!! It took a little while for it to go down but if finally settled on 101... so it was probably like 101 out with a heat index of at least 107. I'm seriously suprised I made it home alive. But I guess it was worth it because the boys had a blast and it's definitely the last time we'll be going back to the zoo until the weather cools down a bit. *** I can't believe I forgot to post it initally! We got an awesome show in Africa Live of the Hippos! Normally they are just laying around and all you really see is their butts! Today we happened to be there at feeding time! It was AWESOME!
I think I may have been more excited about it than any of the boys, other than maybe Logan who was
climbing over everything trying to get a better look. I just thought it was really neat and something I had never seen before and I got a really good picture to remember it by! Yay me!***

So now here I am, almost 9:30pm and all 3 boys are asleep in bed and I'm waiting for my husband to get home with a burger for me. I'm hungry! LoL - crazy pregnancy cravings :) once he gets home I'll eat and relax a bit and hopefully get to sleep by 11pm with my alarm set for 6:15am.... hopefully I'll get my butt up and showered before 6:30 so I have plenty of time to make breakfast and get the little boys ready.

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